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How to Generate Slides from Google Sheets: A project management example


As a project manager, you're keeping track of tasks, due dates, budgets, personnel, and a million other things. One thing you shouldn't be spending time on is copy-pasting data into a slide deck. Slideform can automatically generate your Google Slides or PowerPoint with the latest data where you need it.

Automate Project Management Reports with Slideform

Whether you're managing projects for external clients or internal stakeholders, most projects require periodic updates in the form of PowerPoint (or Google Slides). The big question is whether you're able to provide this in a timely and efficient manner (or whether you spend most of your time copy/pasting).

That's where slide automation from Slideform comes in. With a little setup, you can generate google slides from sheets. Just connect your project data to a slide deck template and have the data filled in for you, automatically. Every element will be formatted and sized the way you want it, with the correct fonts, colors, and styling. 

Slideform bridges the "final mile" from your data to your presentation template, giving you the perfect presentation with just one click.
a spreadsheet feeds data into multiple slides 
Slideform embeds data into your slide deck template, while maintaining your branding, formats, and colors.

An example from Kelvin & Barnes

a7b32f_989721fce7204bad8151702d65d06e18~mv2Let's look at a fictional example. Thomas is a project manager at Kelvin & Barnes, a software development contractor. He manages a team to deliver custom software to companies around the world. Every month he provides his clients with a pdf update on how their project is progressing, remaining budget, and other critical information. With Slideform, he can generate Google Slides for each client automatically each month. Let's dive in and see how it works.


Slideform connects to your data

Thomas and the team use Excel files to track timeframes, schedules, budgets and deliverables. Slideform integrates with this data and links it to the presentation. Slideform also connects to:

  • Spreadsheets - Google Sheets or Excel
  • Databases - Athena, Redshift, Snowflake
  • Dashboards - Power BI, Tableau, Lookr
  • Internal data warehouse or other proprietary data store
  • CRM - Salesforce, Gainsight, Hubspot (in development)
  • Asana, Monday (in development)


Slideform follows your branded template

The marketing team at Kelvin & Barnes designed a lovely, branded template for client communications. Thomas is able to use this template in Slideform with confidence. All colors and styling are preserved when the data are filled into the template. Simple QA checks are done automatically too, and Thomas can review any issues before the deck is sent. Slideform supports templates in both Google Slides and PowerPoint format.
template in Slideform

Generate slides with just one click

Slideform is a stand-alone web application. To generate a new client report, Thomas logs into Slideform and clicks "Create Presentation." He can choose which client or timeframe the deck is for, and then see a preview of the slides before downloading them in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or pdf format.


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