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How to generate a Google Slide for each row in a Google Sheet

Do you spend a lot of time copying information from Google Sheets to Slides? Automation can help! If you are a programmer, you could set up a Google Apps script to copy the data over, but for the rest of us, there is Slideform.
In this tutorial, I will show you how to create slides in bulk that are automatically filled in with data from a Google Sheet.
Slideform automation software links your data to your slide deck so you can generate up-to-date, accurate, and professional presentations on demand.
Slideform takes in data and templates
How to bulk-generate Google Slides
The scenario for this tutorial is a vacation rental management company. They track data on the performance of each property, such as the revenue and number of nights booked, in a Google Sheet. The sheet has one row for each property, like this:
Google sheet with data
Create a new slide in the presentation for each row in the sheet
In this scenario, I want to construct a summary presentation that has one slide for each property. The slide will look like this, with the name of the property at the top and the data and KPIs in the center:
google slide filled with data from google sheets
First, I create a slide template that has placeholders (or pragmas) for each of the data fields I want to copy over from the Sheet. The name of the pragma matches the column name in my sheet. The slide template looks like this:
slide template
Then, I use Slideform's Bulk Create capability to generate one slide per row in my sheet. I just have to enter the template URL and the sheet URL and click Bulk Create.
Now I have a slide deck with nine slides, each corresponding to one of the houses in my spreadsheet! All the formatting, fonts, text, and sizing is taken care of and I just get a clean, professional, and accurate presentation very quickly. And I can download it as a pdf, PowerPoint, or save it to my Google Drive.
Check out the video tutorial here:
I hope you’ve enjoyed this intro to Google Sheets to Google Slides automation. Get in touch today!

What if I want to create a whole new slide deck for each row in the sheet ?

Slideform's Bulk Create function can also generate a full slide deck for each row of the Google Sheet. Check out that example here.