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construct presentations automatically

Tired of copying & pasting data into slide decks?

Connect your data to your presentations to automatically generate slides

Slideform connects data

to presentations

Scale your client communications

Generate slide decks in a fraction of the time, and delight your customers with personalized metrics on demand.

  • Business Reviews

    Automate recurring presentations while enforcing branding and style guidelines.

  • Account Health Reports

    Generate client reports with the latest data, ROI benchmarks, and recommendations.

  • Client One-Pagers

    Produce customized, branded content for your prospects and clients with a single click.

Slideform presentation automation

We're built for client-facing teams

Streamline and standardize all your client communications with shared template libraries, standard data sources, and automated QA checks.


Marketing, social, and e-commerce agencies driving revenue growth for clients

Insights & Analytics

Consulting, R&D, and data teams seeking automation & efficiency

Customer Success

Account management and onboarding teams demonstrating ROI for customers