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construct presentations automatically

Tired of copying & pasting data into slide decks?

Slideform links your content to your custom slide template to automatically generate slides and documents on demand

Let Slideform fill in your presentations

Fill in data on slides automatically
Automate marketing presentations from data sources
GA4 report from Looker Studio
Generate Amazon reports automatically

We're built for client-facing teams

Streamline and standardize all your client communications with shared template libraries, standard data sources, and automated QA checks.


Marketing, social, and e-commerce agencies driving revenue growth for clients

Insights & Analytics

Consulting, R&D, and data teams seeking automation & efficiency

Customer Success

Account management and onboarding teams demonstrating ROI for customers

"A Game Changer for Productivity"

"Slideform has been such a gamechanger with our productivity! I love that the Slideform team is able to help with any needs and adjustments and are very timely in doing so."


Cristina Garcia

Founder, 787 Social

"Slideform has helped our company completely rewrite how we interface with clients and save immense amounts of time in our architecture and interior design workflows."


Erin Lani-Sciotto

ShubinDonaldson Architects


"I love how this tool saves hours each month in deck creation. This tool has been able to free me up to focus on more strategic thinking rather than sinking those hours into tedious tasks like deck creation."


Joshua Harmon

Head of Customer Success, Yogi

Scale your client communications

Generate slide decks in a fraction of the time, and delight your customers with personalized metrics on demand.

  • Business Reviews

    Automate recurring presentations while enforcing branding and style guidelines.

  • Account Health Reports

    Generate client reports with the latest data, ROI benchmarks, and recommendations.

  • Client Brochures

    Produce customized, branded content for your prospects and clients with a single click.

Slideform presentation automation