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Integrate Looker Studio with Google Slides or PowerPoint


Embed Looker Studio in Slides

Connecting Looker Studio to Slideform gives you the power to embed visuals, charts, tables, metrics, and more from your dashboards directly into presentations and documents. Use filters to select the data you need. Insert visuals into your custom template, so the content always looks right.

See how to connect Looker Studio to Slideform

Connect Looker Studio to documents and slides

Use Cases

Ways to use Looker Studio in Slideform:

  • Embed charts or visuals in slides
  • Link specific KPIs and metrics to a presentation
  • Automatically pull the latest data into a Word doc
  • Filter and select specific data to generate a report
  • Create client-specific reports automatically


Data types
About Looker Studio

Looker Studio (formerly known as Data Studio) is a powerful data visualization and reporting platform that helps businesses transform raw data into actionable insights. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Looker Studio enables users to create interactive dashboards and reports without any coding knowledge. Its extensive library of data connectors allows users to integrate data from various sources, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to centralize their reporting and gain a comprehensive understanding of their data.


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Here's some additional Looker Studio resources to get you started.

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Think of us as your personal document assistant. Slideform pulls the latest KPIs, tables, images, text, and charts from across your data sources into your custom report template.

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