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What is slide automation?


Slide automation, sometimes referred to as PowerPoint automation, automates the workflow you use to fill in or update data, charts, images, and comments in a PowerPoint or Google Slides deck. This process is ideal for managing recurring slide decks that follow a template.


What are the benefits of slide automation?

 The primary reasons to use slide automation to automatically update your slide decks are:
  1. ensure data accuracy

  2. save valuable time

  3. improve quality control

  4. enforce branding and style guidelines

  5. provide a central repository for shared slides and templates


What slide automation does not do

Slide automation is different from automatically advancing your slides during a slideshow. It refers to creating the slide deck itself.

Some experimental sites can generate slide designs and even content using AI. While this is cool, it is not a practical solution for enterprises that need to fill in specific data on slides or follow branding and style guidelines.


Who can use slide automation?

 Slide automation is most helpful for teams that create different versions of a slide deck over and over. Some great examples are: 
  • Consultants and agencies that create data-intensive client reports

  • Operations teams that create slide decks for internal reporting

  • Customer success teams that create Quarterly Business Reviews for clients

  • Marketing agencies that send out periodic client report decks

  • Sales teams that create customized client proposal decks

  • Contract managers that provide progress and performance reports to the client

  • Professional services teams that create quarterly or monthly reports for clients

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