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Create Custom Hubspot Reports in Google Slides

In the ever-evolving landscape of data-driven decision-making, integrated reporting tools are more important than ever. Slideform makes it easy to connect your data directly to your presentations, saving countless hours of manual work. And Slideform now integrates with HubSpot! In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to seamlessly integrate HubSpot data, metrics, and KPIs into your custom reports, certificates, or one-pagers using Slideform. 

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 12.28.58 PM

Step 1: Connect HubSpot to Slideform

Begin by logging into Slideform and selecting "Add Data Source." Connect your HubSpot account by following the simple authentication process. Slideform ensures a secure connection to your HubSpot data, allowing you to link specific marketing and sales data directly into your reports. You can configure Slideform to access the Deals, Companies, Contacts, and Tickets in your HubSpot and pull an any associated properties, including custom properties.


Step 2: Create a Custom Report Template in Google Slides

Open your latest report slide deck in Google Slides or create a new template for your report. The formatting, colors, transition animations, fonts, sizing, and styles in your template will be carried through to the output presentation. Define placeholders for the HubSpot data you wish to incorporate, such as Deals, Companies, Dollar Amounts, Charts, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These placeholders will serve as dynamic containers that automatically update with the latest HubSpot information. You can even create certificates, quotes, or brochures from your Hubspot data. Enter your slide deck template into Slideform to create a new project.

An few example reports and certificates are shown below (with the template on the left and the output on the right). Notice the placeholders in the template enclosed in curly braces. Slideform will pull data directly from HubSpot to fill them in.

slide template for hubspot report
slideform links HubSpot data to slides
hubspot report template
Slideform output with HubSpot data
certificate template
HubSpot certificate in Google Slides


Step 3: Map HubSpot Data to Your Template

In Slideform, access the project settings and locate the placeholders you've created for your HubSpot data. Using Slideform's intuitive interface, map each placeholder to the corresponding data point from HubSpot. This step ensures that your presentation remains dynamic, reflecting real-time changes in your HubSpot metrics.

Complex queries can be implemented in Slideform, such as sorting, filtering, and summarization. For example, Slideform can return a list of the top 5 deals in a particular sales stage. We can return the next 3 deals, sorted by closing date, for a specific team member. Or we can find the sum of the Annual Revenue of all Closed Won deals that closed this week.


Step 4: Generate and Save Your Report

Once the data mapping is complete, click "Generate" to create your presentation. Slideform will pull the latest HubSpot data and populate your slide template accordingly. Preview the presentation to confirm that the integration is seamless and the visuals align with your expectations.

You can save your report in Google Slides format or download it as a pdf or PowerPoint file directly from Slideform.


Advantages of HubSpot Reporting with Slideform:

  1. Effortless Updates: Each week, month, or quarter, re-generate your presentation with a simple click, eliminating the need for manual data input.
  2. Consistent Branding: Maintain a professional and branded appearance in your reports by using your own custom slide templates.
  3. True Customization: Tailor your reports to your audience by selecting the specific HubSpot data that you need in the format that makes sense for you. Import text, numbers, lists, charts, and tables directly into the slides.

Ready to Elevate Your HubSpot Reporting?

Slideform opens the door to a new era of reporting by seamlessly integrating HubSpot data into your presentations. From marketing analytics to sales performance, Slideform ensures that your insights are not just powerful but also visually compelling.

Start embedding HubSpot data with Slideform today and revolutionize the way you present your key metrics. Experience the convenience of real-time reporting, effortless updates, and a custom, polished and professional report format that represents your company. Elevate your reporting game with Slideform!


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